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Disciplines of Grace


Gather Round the Table

There’s just something extraordinarily good about sitting around a hand crafted wood table full of fragrant cinnamon rolls, Farm fresh eggs, hot …


The Culture of Home: The Word

The patterns and rhythms of our homes shape the culture that exists within them. Chris and I live fully persuaded that we must take care …


The Culture of Home

Days blend together. Deep in motherhood, it’s difficult to discern where one ends and another begin, don’t you think? Wakened countless time …


The Kindling Sessions

Smiles of Grace 2018 The Kindling Sessions   When I think of the word “kindling” my mind drifts to the smell of …


Forgiven: Misplaced Hope

What does your heart rest in? Where are the places you find deep security and comfort? While we live on earth, it …


Forgiven: When Idols Creep In

Maybe it’s too personal? Maybe this hits too close to home? Maybe it’s scary to admit, but we all know it’s true. …